Compelling Strategy to Propel Your Organisation Forward

Good strategy is fundamental to success. However, many organisations are hampered by strategy that is vague and misdirected. Kinetica are experts in creating actionable strategy by leveraging our unique data intelligence, deep domain experience and passion for innovation.

Organisational Strategy

We help organisations to develop and articulate an ambitious vision and motivating mission. We identify the strategic priorities that will grow and sustain your organisation over the long-term, creating clear, actionable plans to execute and deliver your strategy.

Participation & Fandom

We forge the strategic building blocks to attract and retain participants and fans across sport and recreation. Through segmentation, positioning and understanding target markets, you can maximize attention, appeal, and purchase.

VenuEs & Facilities

We help you develop your facilities networks to meet current and future demand, create compelling business and social impact cases to attract the investment needed into your facilities networks. We build venue specific strategies to drive performance across your network.


Our team helps rights-holders to better commercialise their assets, with a particular strength in the development of attractive partnership propositions. We will help you identify, develop, and realise your true commercial value.


Navigate and gain an expert understanding of the opportunities presented by Web3 for sports organisations, government, and brands. Develop and bring to market Web3 ideas with a focus on building long-term engagement and value for your organisation and your audiences.