The industry has called-out issues with the intelligence used for decision making

In designing AURA with and for sport and recreation decision-makers we have identified problems with existing data and intelligence:

  • Most sport and recreation occurs locally. However, the majority of sport and recreation data is available only at a macro level.
  • A lack of aggregation and integration of disparate sport and recreation datasets means the full value of data is not realised.
  • Lack of representative data on local, current, and future demand for sport and recreation activities, too much reliance on membership data
  • Dependence on supply-side data to drive planning and decisions.

AURA solves these issues and pain points for sport and recreation decision-makers

Unique Sport & Recreation Data

We conduct research, collate existing intelligence and integrate client data to create powerful aggregated databases. The combined data delivers meaningful and actionable intelligence for sport and recreation decision-makers.

Analytics for new local intelligence

Our advanced analytics generate new localised data. We model 1,000’s of variables for all suburbs in Australia including community health, physical activity, sports and recreation activity behaviours and preferences.

For Government

The intelligence delivered by AURA supports decision making, driving improved investment allocation and maximising benefits to the local community. Examples include:

  • Underpinning key strategic plans e.g. health and wellbeing, sport and recreation plans
  • Segmenting and targeting of resident groups for greater impact
  • Optimising facilities, open space planning and investment
  • Creating business cases and assessing funding applications
  • Enhanced marketing of local sports and recreation
  • Managing stakeholders and communicating impact
For Sports Organisations

AURA data and intelligence drives efficient and effective planning, decision-making and investment for the whole of the sport from local communities to the national level. Examples include:

  • Local community profiling and understanding across demographics, sport, recreation and health
  • Brand health profiling and benchmarking
  • Underpinning strategy across facilities, participation and commercialisation
  • Enhanced business cases and funding applications
  • Delivering value to stakeholders and communicating impact


AURA Localised Data

AURA survey data and analytics to the suburb level

Client Data

Integration of client datasets e.g. facilities data into aggregated database and reporting

Contextual Data

A host of contextual datasets such as census data, schools locations, household expenditure all at the local area level

Online Access

24/7 access to data via dynamic dashboards and visualisations


Kinetica generated health, sport and recreation insights

Analysis Support

On-call support to run client specific analyses

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