Strategy & AusCycling

Growing cycling across Australia with AusCycling

AusCycling is the national sporting organisation responsible for the development, facilitation and growth of all forms of cycling in Australia, formed through the amalgamation of Mountain Bike Australia (MTBA), BMX Australia (BMXA) and Cycling Australia (CA) and the 15 state sporting organisations (SSOs). AusCycling’s vision is to unlock cycling’s potential, advocate for riders’ safety, establish strong club communities and make all forms of cycling accessible to everyone. Delivering cycling infrastructure that provides safe opportunities of sufficient quality to ride a bike for a broad section of the community is critical to achieving this vision.

Comprehensive demand and supply analysis for Cycling infrastructure for every community across Australia

Kinetica was commissioned to deliver a comprehensive national infrastructure strategy for AusCycling covering all cycling disciplines. To underpin the strategy’s development, we conducted a detailed analysis of the supply and demand dynamics for the cycling infrastructure across Australia including a facilities audit and classification, spatial analysis and visualisation, current and potential demand modelling and profiling and a gap analysis.

    The blueprint for Cycling infrastructure for the next decade

    The project delivered a vision for the Cycling infrastructure network that enshrined the focus on safe and accessible places for everyone to ride a bike, with five key strategic areas identified to focus attention and resources on the development of the network over the long-term.

    Our audit of the national facilities network for all forms of cycling provides a clear roadmap of the opportunities to optimise and expand the network and the guidelines we created for the design of facilities will drive consistency in meeting the needs of participants and driving best practice across Australia.