Exceptional data Intelligence and Strategy to succeed in Sport, Recreation & Wellbeing

Welcome to Kinetica. We are on a mission to eliminate the gaps, waste and frustrations that exist in sport, recreation, and wellbeing data, planning and decision-making. Our consulting, data intelligence and planning tools empower our clients to make informed decisions and develop better strategy, investments, and execution.

What we do

We combine our unique datasets, research and analytics expertise, and deep domain experience to ignite growth and innovation. With a team of experienced strategists, researchers, and analysts, Kinetica partners with you to grow and thrive.

Unlocking localised intelligence and strategy with Aura

Kinetica’s localised intelligence service called Aura is revolutionising the way sports organisations and Governments develop strategies and determine investments – enabling evidenced assisted decisions at a local level.

Aura delivers unparalleled data on consumers’ sport, recreation, and wellbeing behaviours and attitudes, down to the local level. This proprietary intelligence is integrated with rich contextual datasets and clients own data to deliver a comprehensive view of demand and supply conditions for every single community. Clients access and utilise the localised data intelligence through easy to use digital tools.

Sports Organisations

Develop strategy and execution for sustainable growth through a deep understanding of demand and supply at the local level. Acquire and retain participants and fans, build and optimise your facilities networks, and attract more public and private investment to your code.


Harness the power of sport and recreation in delivering economic, health and social benefits to your communities. Build out evidence-based strategies to engage more people in physical activity, deliver the required facilities and services, and make the right investments in the sport and recreation industry


Understand and navigate unique opportunities to engage existing and potential customers through sport, recreation, and wellbeing. Use our data, insights, and strategy to understand and profile consumer affinities and passions to build brand equity and achieve your marketing objectives. 



Strategy & ACT Government

More Canberrans moving more often Canberrans are the most active people in Australia.  The Territory enjoys a range of advantages that make the ACT conducive to sport and active recreation participation including the natural environment and the accessi … Read more

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