The why that drives us

Sport and recreation play a huge role in our society – delivering economic, social and health benefits to our communities. Sport and recreation create joy, give us a sense of belonging and make us feel alive.

We believe that sport and recreation are massively under-valued and that key to unlocking more value is through better data intelligence and effective strategy. Our mission is to make powerful sport, recreation, and wellbeing intelligence an accessible resource for all. 

Meet the team

We are a team of strategists, researchers and analysts connected by a passion for the power of data intelligence and strategy. We are inspired by and aspire to be pioneers, pushing the envelope for our partners and for ourselves. 

Our values bind and guide us

Purposeful – We are focused, we stay on strategy and are committed to delivering for our team and our clients

Curious – We are inquisitive, creative, open to new ideas and opportunities to learn

Collegiate – We work collaboratively; we care and value our teammates, and teamwork is at the heart of our business 

Spirited – We are adventurous, energetic, and positive in what we do

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