Data Intelligence to Drive Better Decision-Making in Sport, Recreation & Wellbeing

Making timely, confident strategic and operational decisions is key to successful organisations and business growth. Through high quality data intelligence products and services, Kinetica helps and empowers decision makers in the sport, recreation, and wellbeing sectors.

Custom Research & Stakeholder Engagement

We design and deliver custom primary research projects in-house to understand and profile audiences, markets, and stakeholders. We are experts in a wide range of qualitative and quantitative methods to capture the data and insights you need.

Proprietary Data

We collate and capture our own data to generate unique intelligence and insights for planning, strategy, and decision-making. Our Aura data intelligence solution is a game-changer for the sport, recreation, and wellbeing data sector.

Modelling & Analytics

We clean organise and integrate datasets and apply sophisticated statistical methods to extract meaning and actionable insights. Our data analytics team have a wealth of experience handling complex and disparate datasets.

Measurement & Evaluation

We assess the performance of programs and investments against their desired outcomes. We design program logic, create measurement frameworks, and assess the efficiency and effectiveness of programs against stated objectives.

Data Capability & Literacy

We help our clients build their in-house data technology, databases and skills through audits, data capture, platform development and data literacy training. We also provide our own data resources either as a full service or to supplement clients’ own teams.