Data Intelligence & Cricket Australia

Addressing the needs of the grassroots Cricket community

Cricket Australia is committed to delivering the best experiences possible to all those involved in grassroots Cricket.  Critical to delivering on this commitment is the requirement to understand and profile the needs, attitudes and experiences of grassroots Cricket players, volunteers, officials, and administrators. The national cricket community gives voice to these grassroots Cricket participants and influences the future direction of the game.  

Design and delivery of the National Cricket Community Survey

We have partnered with Cricket Australia to deliver the National Cricket Community Survey since its inception in 2021. We are responsible for the design, delivery, and reporting of this large-scale research project. The key work streams we deliver are summarised below:

  • Research design – designing and refining the optimum data collection approach
  • Survey design – developing the modules, questions and user experience for the survey
  • Survey deployment – scripting and distribution of online versions of the survey
  • Fieldwork management – monitoring responses to the survey
  • Data analysis & reporting – cleaning and analysis of data, and reporting of outputs including the development of dashboards and summaries of key insights and recommendations

Evidence and insights to support strategy and development of the Cricket community experience

The survey has received high response rates from the grassroots community, delivering robust, high-quality data from which to analyse, report and extract insights. The data has provided vital evidence to support the priorities identified in Cricket Australia’s new 5-year plan for the game. Data and insights have also been shared across the sport to feed into the delivery of Cricket across the country.