Strategy & the South Australian Cricket Association

Reinvigorating commercial partnerships for the SACA

With the impending expiration of large sponsorship deals and relatively static revenue growth, the South Australian Cricket Association (SACA) faced a significant commercial challenge. Against this backdrop the SACA wanted to review its commercial partnership program with the objective of identifying opportunities for revenue growth. Kinetica was commissioned to review and refresh the commercial partnership program and we were chosen for this important work given our extensive datasets, deep domain expertise and proven track record in generating revenue growth in commercial partnerships.

    Assessing the status quo and unlocking opportunities for improvement

    Our work focused on building a deep understanding of the organisation’s existing commercial partnerships offer and how this compared with the needs of corporates and ‘partnership best practice’ in the market.  We also built-out a granular audit of all the assets in the SACA’s inventory and how these could be leveraged to drive optimal value in commercial partnerships.  The key project work-streams are summarised below:   

    • A detailed review of the national and state sponsorship market
    • Evaluation of current partnership packages and benchmarking against like arrangements in competitor sports
    • Development of the commercial partnership offering, including the articulation of a clear value proposition and narrative to take to market
    • Refreshed sales collateral
    • Ongoing support for sales and negotiation activity

    Maximising commercial appeal for revenue growth

    Kinetica positioned the SACA’s commercial partnership program for long-term success, ensuring it will thrive well into the future. With a clear understanding of its commercial offering and market differentiation, the SACA was able to target new business and commercial partnerships. Following our work, SACA achieved a 100 per cent uplift in partnership-driven revenue within six months.