Strategy & Rugby Australia

Shaping the future of Rugby Australia’s Touch 7s program

Rugby Australia’s (RA) Touch 7s product is designed to provide an accessible participation format to attract new audiences to the game.  To underpin the development of Touch 7s, RA required insights and recommendations on its positioning, delivery model and user experience.

    Understanding current barriers and attracting new audiences

    Kinetica was engaged by RA to lead the review of the existing Touch 7s program and set out the future direction for the product. The project included the following work streams: 

    • Conduct primary research amongst participants, industry stakeholders and current deliverers
    • Deliver a detailed situation analysis, which included the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) for the Touch 7s program
    • Provide recommendations on key strategic building blocks, such as overall strategic focus, product design and positioning, user experience and business model.

    Delivering a refreshed strategic framework

    Kinetica engaged and consulted with all key stakeholders, including participants, industry bodies (such as community organisations and commercial partners), and delivery teams. This deep immersion generated crucial insights to inform a refreshed strategic framework for Touch 7s, focusing on its unique strengths. With a refreshed strategic framework in place, as well as a clear set of actions for go-to-market initiatives, Rugby Australia is able to engage key stakeholders across government and the private sector to source investment to scale the Touch 7s product across key markets.