Data Intelligence & UFC

Research partner for UFC Fight Night Singapore

The UFC Fight Night Singapore has been held at the Singapore Indoor Sports Arena since 2017. The event is supported by the Singapore Tourism Board (STB), which requires the Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC) to report on key event performance metrics as part of its funding agreement.  Kinetica was engaged by the UFC to conduct at-event surveying with attendees and to report the resultant data in accordance with STB requirements.  The UFC chose Kinetica for this work because of our strong track record of delivering event research and meeting STB’s required reporting across other events in Singapore.

Evaluating and reporting on event performance and impacts

Kinetica delivered event research and reporting services for the UFC Fight Night Singapore between 2017 and 2019 across three editions of the event. The key work streams we delivered for each event cycle are summarised below:

  • Event research design – development of the appropriate research design to capture the data required for event reporting and impact analysis
  • Research deployment – partnering with a local fieldwork provider to capture surveys on the evening of the event. This included briefing fieldwork teams and being on-site to manage the process
  • Analysis & Reporting – collation and analysis of research data, completion of reporting templates for STB and providing a summary of key research insights for the UFC.

Delivering quality and actionable event research

Our robust and effective research provided the vital information required to unlock STB funding for the event and to measure its effectiveness from fan engagement and economic impact perspectives.  The reporting ensured the UFC delivered a strong level of service to STB as event partner and identified areas for iterative event optimisation.