Data Intelligence & Australian Institute of Sport

Understanding and nurturing athlete wellbeing with the AIS

The wellbeing of athletes is a key area of focus for organisations and individuals within the high performance ecosystem. Kinetica has worked with the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) over a long period to generate a detailed understanding of the wellbeing needs of athletes in the high-performance programs of the AIS, other high performance institutes and national sports organisations.

The deepest exploration of athlete wellbeing ever conducted

Our first engagement with the AIS focused on creating a deep understanding of athlete wellbeing across the industry. We conducted initial workshops to help identify areas of wellbeing to focus upon through the consultation, followed by over 250 in-depth interviews with stakeholders inside and outside of the high performance system and then online quantitative surveys to source additional evidence.  This body of work delivered an unprecedented level of information and insight on stakeholder perceptions, challenges within the high performance system and a detailed measure of athlete wellbeing priorities.

Focusing strategy, actions, and investment on key wellbeing themes

This expanded understanding of athlete wellbeing provided the platform for the AIS to refresh its strategy and lead the industry in a renewed focus on the key wellbeing priorities and issues identified through the research. The AIS also developed a measurement and reporting framework to help organisations assess their performance in delivering to identified priorities. Kinetica recently delivered a review of this process to identify areas for improvement going forward.