Reviewing Stockland’s community engagement activities 

In-depth research and analysis to optimise community engagement strategy.

Evaluate partnership performance and identify opportunities

Stockland is Australia’s largest community creator, developing and managing residential, retirement and commercial sites across the country. Central to the company’s purpose is their community engagement strategy. This strategy aims to foster positive health and wellbeing, community connection and education opportunities within their developments.   

Kinetica was engaged by Stockland to review their community engagement strategy, in particular, the performance of partnerships and activation in their residential communities.  

Kinetica was engaged to:

  • help Stockland better understand resident’s needs to deliver more effective community activities.
  • review Stockland’s community partnership performance and discover opportunities for optimisation.
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Understand stakeholder needs

Kinetica utilised both qualitative and quantitative research to deliver a robust understanding of residents community needs. 

Kinetica also engaged key stakeholders and partners to evaluate the current delivery models. This approach enabled gaps and inefficiencies to be highlighted, providing opportunities for optimisation.

Deliver a plan for more effective delivery 

We identified four resident audience segments, each with different needs. We recommended that Stockland tailor their messages and target community activities to these segments.

We also delivered a range of recommendations on how to optimise the delivery of community engagement activity to drive greater consistency and standards across residential communities.

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Navigating community engagement

We apply our industry knowledge and expertise to help brands and sports organisations develop, ignite and sustain their community engagement vision.