Aura & Tennis Australia 

Localised planning and delivery for Tennis across Australia

Tennis Australia has been an Aura client since the beginning of 2021. The partnership provides access to Aura’s localised intelligence service for key users in Tennis Australia (TA) and each member association (MA) across Australia. The Aura service provides access to our unique localised data on sport and recreation behaviours and attitudes, rich contextual data that explains the market and integrates a selection of TA’s own data. We provide direct access to data and planning capability through our digital tools and additional expert analysis time as part of the service.   

Developing powerful new data and insights

With access to our Aura data, analysis support and integration with TA’s own data we have developed a suite of new datapoints and deep insights in partnership with TA and its MAs. The Tennis ecosystem now has a comprehensive understanding of current and potential demand and supply dynamics and venue performance for every LGA, suburb and each of the 6,000+ tennis venues in the country. 

Positioning Tennis for continued success

The new insights that continue to be developed in partnership with TA and its MAs have a broad range of use cases which will revolutionise the delivery of Tennis in Australia. Benefits of this approach are being realised across multiple use cases such as optimised network planning by geography, improved venue performance, enhanced and tailored investment cases to all levels of government and upgraded investment in workforce capacity and capability building.