Aura & Cricket Victoria 

Building data intelligence capability with Cricket Victoria 

Cricket Victoria’s vision is to make Cricket “Victoria’s favourite sport and a sport for all Victorians”.  An important element in achieving this vision is building the data intelligence capability of the organisation to assist with planning, decision-making and execution both centrally and within local communities.  Kinetica is working with Cricket Victoria to develop this capability through the provision of services and the creation of business intelligence and planning tools to their community, participation and commercial teams.

Evidence assisted network planning

The development of the business intelligence capability has included in-depth analysis of available internal data to support planning and decision-making for the current and future participation network for Cricket. This foundational evidence base has identified areas of anticipated high demand for Cricket using our Aura data and has then overlayed with current network supply data to deliver a community-by-community view.  This fact base will feed directly into strategy and business operations to grow Cricket participation across the state.

Harnessing data intelligence across the organisation

We continue to work with Cricket Victoria to develop further its data assets and capability to leverage data intelligence to assist with planning and decision-making across their organisation.  Within the community cricket team, we are building out datasets across demand, supply and activity metrics and pulling these through to digital dashboards and our geo-spatial mapping tools to generate unprecedented insights at the local level.