Aura & City of Kingston

Localised intelligence assisted planning for the City of Kingston  

The City of Kingston is in the southeastern suburbs of Melbourne with an estimated population of more than 167,000.  As with many metropolitan jurisdictions there are significant demands placed on sport and recreation infrastructure and open spaces which will increase further as the local population continues to grow. The City of Kingston required analysis of the demand and supply for sport and recreation in the suburbs of Parkdale and Mentone to develop a vision for the recreation and open space requirements in these areas and the municipality more broadly. These suburbs were prioritised as they are the sites of future level crossing removal projects that have the potential to open new spaces for sport and recreation participation for the community.

Deep understanding local supply of recreation and open space

Kinetica provided a detailed analysis of supply and demand conditions using our Aura localised intelligence data and analysis tools. The key steps in the analysis were as follows:

  • Load identified assets into our Aura GIS mapping tool along with asset meta data
  • Define asset catchment areas and visually map areas of under and over provision
  • Detailed profiling of asset catchment areas using variables from our Aura localised dataset including demographic data, sport and recreation participation preferences, behavioural and attitudinal data and health and wellbeing measures.

Evidenced case for sport & recreation provision

Our analysis and recommendations provided critical evidence for the development of strategy for sport and recreation provision and the broader Urban Design Framework for Council. In the shorter-term the project delivered the evidence base used to identify, prioritise and articulate Council’s key recreation and open space ‘asks and expectations’ for the design and delivery of the level crossing removal projects in Parkdale and Mentone.