Netball Australia

Developing an organisational and participation strategy for Netball Australia

Creating big picture strategy and discovering what drives sports participants to engage.

Establish a uniform, national-level strategy  

Netball Australia wanted to develop an overarching organisational strategy – and narrative – that could be delivered at both national and state level. This in turn would drive the development of a national participation strategy, with the objective of increasing participation – particularly amongst its grass-roots participants. 

Kinetica was engaged to provide leadership, guidance, advice and support for the development of these strategies. 

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Review existing models and develop governance reform

The first hurdle we faced was to engage stakeholders from right across the organisation, including state member organisations, associations and clubs, and key asset owners, such as Suncorp Super Netball Clubs.

By engaging these key stakeholders and reviewing their existing business models, we worked to understand governance issues across the netball ecosystem, including varied roles and responsibilities, and target audience segmentation. Kinetica worked with Netball Australia to develop an operating strategy complete with resource and governance implications. 

Use insights to establish operating model, define roles and responsibilities and drive communications strategies

With a clearly defined operating and national participation strategy in place, Netball Australia had a consistent narrative that would lead communications and participation efforts across all peak Australian netball bodies. 

Kinetica delivered strategies and put in place a roadmap to success that Netball Australia could roll-out across its various stakeholders, setting up the foundations for participation and commercial growth.

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Sports participation strategies

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