The E.J. Whitten Foundation

Creating a community engagement program for the E.J. Whitten Foundation

Identifying issues and setting up a program for success.

Overcoming barriers and changing behaviour

The E.J. Whitten Foundation (EJWF), a men’s health awareness organisation, plays a key role in many communities across Victoria. As a sports-based organisation, EJWF has a unique platform to connect with men and influence behaviours and attitudes. As such, Kinetica worked with EJWF to develop a community program – named “It’s Time to Test” – aimed at changing men’s approaches to health.

Kinetica was engaged to:

  • identify key health issues for the program’s target audience – men aged over 40 who are disengaged from their health
  • create a program that can be communicated and delivered in a way that’s inclusive and easily understood
  • identify strategically-aligned community partners, and ensure those partners are well-placed to drive maximum awareness of the program
  • evaluate the program’s overall impact.
The MCG from a bird's eye view

Underpinned by insight

Working with EJWF, we faced a unique challenge: how do we engage the target audience and change their attitudes and approaches to health?

Utilising our expertise in community sports organisations, we applied strategy, research and analysis to identify the specific health issues of the target audience.

This research developed a deep understanding of both attitudes to health and the type of language that resonates with those who are disengaged. For example, we identified macho culture, stoicism and lack of time as key contributors for the target audience ignoring their health.

Put in place a program to drive success

Based on the insights into the target audience, we designed and implemented the complete “It’s Time to Test” program. This focussed on one-on-one engagements with the target audience at community sporting clubs, encouraging men to visit a doctor for a full health check. Our research illustrated that of those who had a blood pressure check through the program, 75% went on to have a full check-up with a doctor.

Research, design and implementation weren’t the only element of Kinetica’s delivery. We also had to see the awareness program reach its full potential. To do this, we helped secure strategically aligned partners to:

  • drive maximum awareness, reach and impact
  • ensure the program’s growth well into the future.

Due to the success of  “It’s Time to Test”, the Department of Health and Human Services has invested in a regional and indigenous component. Thereby expanding the program’s reach and engagement with at-risk men.

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